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Vega$ Trip

Born and raised in L.A., with all its surrounding iridescent street and building lights, hardly readied me for this. Only driving across the barren wasteland, between here and there, could do that. At night, moonless, with only the car’s headlights (and those of any other autos sharing that lonely road) for fellowship, brought a new grasp to it all.


Banks are financial institutions. Serving a purpose in our economic infrastructure that involve withdrawals, deposits, loans, investment, and exchanges of currency. Yes, like just about everyone else, I hate them,…

Reprise » What is it with Thanksgiving, and Movies?

It seems as soon as Halloween ends, with its gala of ghoulish costume delight, then we step into the realm of a holiday that seems to grow less in importance each year. Please don’t take this wrong. Personally, I love this holiday. Back when I was a teen, centuries ago…, I gravitated away from the Christmas holiday as my favorite, naturally, to Thanksgiving.


Plans… people make them. We’re seemingly prisoners to plans. As close as I can lock down, I became aware of that around age 20. My father…