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The Wanted
Paradox Bound
The Bomb Maker
The Gauntlet
Get Well Soon – History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them
It Ended Badly – Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History
Kill Process
Agent in Place
Three Minutes to Doomsday – An Agent, a Traitor, and the Worst Espionage Breach in U.S. History
A Rage in Harlem
The Perfect Kill – 21 Laws for Assassins
Star Wars – Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars – Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Star Wars – Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
The Generals – American Military Command From World War II to Today
The Butchering Art – Joseph Lister’s Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine
Nights of the Living Dead
The Singularity Trap
The Word is Murder
World War Two – A Short History
Deep – Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves
A Very Expensive Poison – The Assassination of Alexander Litvinienko and Putin’s War with the West
Alien – Out of the Shadows
Big Fish
Sun Tzu at Gettysburg – Ancient Military Wisdom in the Modern World
Empire of Sin – A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans
Hollywood Dead
Depth of Winter
Coming Storm
Flight or Fright
Chain Saw Confidential: How We Made the World’s Most Notorious Horror Movie
Man of War
The Fox


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