Only and One: Recap

With the release of The Beatles U.S. albums by Capitol Records on January 21, 2014, I reprised an old series from the archives of my former blog. A short post for each of the British albums on The Lads official list. Since it filled up the month I thought to recap the selections for each of these in the set. The album covers below link back to their respective posts. The picks represent two songs from each album:

  • the only – if I could only listen to one track, the best song that exemplifies the album, it would be this number
  • the one – if I could pick a single tune that doesn’t get either the play or the credit it deserves, it’s this one

I relistened to each album before I updated and posted them, fully aware I’d might change some of my song picks. Surprisingly in the end, only one selection was altered, my One pick for Revolver (formerly Got To Get You Into My Life). That may or may not be a good thing.

My Only: Twist and Shout – My One: Anna (Go To Him)

My Only: All My Loving – My One: Don’t Bother Me

My Only: A Hard Day’s Night – My One: If I Fell

My Only: Eight Days A Week – My One: I’m A Loser

My Only: Ticket To Ride – My One: I Need You

My Only: In My Life – My One: Think For Yourself

My Only: Eleanor Rigby – My One: Tomorrow Never Knows

My Only: A Day In The Life – My One: Good Morning Good Morning

My Only: I Am A Walrus – My One: Baby You’re A Rich Man

My Only: Back In The U.S.S.R. – My One: Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

My Only: All Together Now – My One: Hey Bulldog

My Only: Let It Be – My One: One After 909

My Only: The Medley – My One: Because

My Only: Hey Jude – My One: I’ll Get You

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