Still more lazy thoughts from this one…


While I’ve put one blog into hibernation…

Sleeping… But Not Gone

… this one is now fully awake.

21 Responses to “Awakening”

  1. Herb

    ” I’m not, nor do I ever expect to be, a blogger that produces extraordinary content or have a boatload of followers.”


    “Humility is like underwear; essential,
    but indecent if it shows.”
    Helen Nielsen

    “Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.”
    Erica Jong

    You do have a boat load of followers, just don’t think Queen Mary. I’m on your trail, dude. Following and enjoying. Hope it doesn’t get too dark, my batteries are low.


  2. John D

    Wow, look at you. You’re

    movin’ on up
    to the east Side
    to a dee-luxe apartment
    in the sky-y-y

    I like the new site. I’ll update my blogroll tonight.


  3. Bev

    Nice new look here le0pard13…..looks good. I have updated you on my blog(s) and we are ready to roll……



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