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Reprise: The “Fidel Castro” of Parties

Reprising something from yesteryear I wrote awhile back, since we’re in the month of my daughter’s upcoming sweet sixteen birthday.

As she eyed the nine year-old out in the corner of her well-known periphery, her mother spoke up. “Your daughter really did it this time.”

Dad (me) just closed his eyes. “What happened now?”, he said as he opened them and scanned the room for her.

“Remember that party invitation from the other day — the one for the first day of her Spring Break?”, said mom.


“Not real”, said the woman who carried her for nine months while the daughter in question brushed her naturally curly hair in the background.

“Who wrote it then?”, I asked.

As she looked toward the person of the hour, “She did. Along with her friend _____, that is. It was a conspiracy. Likely, lead by you-know-who.”

Like a lazy dawn creeping up on a new day, I said, “Wait…you’re saying those two nine year-olds planned their own sleepover party for this coming Monday?”

Mom looked back at her husband and said, “And she used the computer and printer to write-up the invitations, too, then distributed them to all of their classmates.”


“What?!?”, said my wife.

“I mean…uh…that was completely inappropriate!”, I quickly corrected.

As she re-weighed my first response, “I and _____’s mother have spent the last few hours, after we finally got the truth out of those two, contacting each of their classmate’s mothers to un-invite and apologize to them about a sleepover party that the host parents (us) had nothing to do with.”

I just looked at her. Then, over to my daughter…and back again to my wife. In an attempt to choose my words carefully, and after a couple of decades marriage, I decided to do the smart thing…and say nothing.

“Well?!?”, said my bride.

“That was pretty…ballsy, alright.” said the female child’s dad.

“Ya think?!? Your daughter so loves such gatherings she thought she could just pull it all together and fool everyone into just doing it. She’s the Fidel Castro of parties!!!”

True story, and why I have this tee-shirt:


15 Responses to “Reprise: The “Fidel Castro” of Parties”

  1. ruth

    ‘You can’t scare me, I have a daughter’ Ahah, I need to get that shirt for my brother who has THREE girls! 🙂 Great story as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jackdeth72

    Happy Sweet Sixteen, Michael’s Daughter!

    Memo to Michael.

    DO NOT let your daughter anywhere near dollar bills of ANY denomination and a multi color Xerox copier!!

    And your daughter has a brilliant tactical mind… I pity her future husband.

    Liked by 1 person


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