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Versus AARP’s 10 Essential Boomer Movies

If I do anything on this blog, it is to examine the arts of books, music, and movies. Along with my history (or angst), with them. I confess it’s a tad self-absorbed, and so typical of my generation. With that said, I’ll add my set to the well-known contributors AARP selected for each of their Essential Boomer picks. Let’s end the week with Oliver Stone’s take on the movies with his superb list.

TMT: Hell to Pay…

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time, a series that was begun here. Continuing with memories of films tailor-made for Halloween viewing,…

TMT: On Our Way to Were

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time, a series that was begun here. I’ve said it before, timing is everything. And Kelle Pratt, she of the Outspoken & Freckled blog and various, wonderful blogathons, recently batted clean-up with one film for another. Ratnakar Sadasyula, an equally marvelous and generous movie blogger, not long ago completed his Sydney Pollack Blogathon over at Seetimar-Diary of a Movie Lover. This film, in a nice touch, brought the curtain down for the online event, and stirred a memory in the process.

TMT: Returning to the Scene

Within weeks of heading to Century City one night for a movie, only to find Huey helicopters blitzing the avenue on their way up to the Nakatomi Plaza building, I’d begun the last romance of my life. Unbeknownst to me, mind you, but that’s quite okay. At this point, months into it, I found I rather enjoyed being swept up.

Tales from the (Movie) Theater: Projecting (Part 3)

I was taught on what is known as a Two Reel System — the older carbon arc variety. No splicing of film together to make it one large, easy to project unit. Nope…didn’t happen. The Warner’s projection booth had three, count them three, Simplex carbon arc projectors. Museum pieces, really. Only two were used at any time. The third kept as cold backup for when one of others totally arrested on you, which could happen given the age of these antiques.

Tales from the (Movie) Theater: The Owner (Part 2)

So, what were the lessons gleamed while employed there? Scrimping was a way of life for independents. The economics of the movie theater in the mid-70s hadn’t changed much since the 30s and 40s either. Studios made their money from the box office — and theater owners made theirs from the concession stand.

A Week of Muir

Simply awesome. Blogger Terri Wilson placing all of my friend and author John Kenneth Muir’s #StarTrekWeek postings in one place. Generous, and can I say awesome…