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Interview: Vickie Lester and Why “It’s in His Kiss”

“Hollywood. The Dream Factory A camera-ready world of fantasy fulfilled, artifice and bone-deep glamour — or a place of dark reality, depthless closets, failed love, false prophets and untimely death. Anne Brown must find where the truth lies. Truth. Lies. It’s in his kiss. Vickie Lester has written the ultimate Hollywood insider murder-mystery with gasp-worthy plot twists and plenty of delicious, naughty moments…”

Reprise » Muy Bruen

Some years ago, with encouragement by my friends Jen Forbus and Corey Wilde, I finally took the plunge and dived into a novel by author Ken Bruen. I reserve the right to insert…

Versus AARP’s 10 Essential Boomer Books

If I do anything on this blog, it is to examine the arts, and my history (or angst), with them. I confess, self-absorbed and so typical of this generation. I’ll add my set to the well-known contributors AARP selected for their Essential Boomer picks. First up, Erica Jong takes on the following with her stellar list.