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Reblogged » Jen’s Book Thoughts: Any Other Name – Craig Johnson

Reblogged» Jen’s Book Thoughts: Any Other Name – Craig Johnson

any other name

Having just finished the latest Walt Longmire novel by Craig Johnson, Any Other Name, I’m again left with the usual set of mixed emotions. Totally satisfied with another splendid crime mystery tale involving the Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Bummed, too, that I’ve finished it (maybe devoured would say it better) and have to wait till the next arrives. I recommend reading the book review by my dear friend Jen Forbus, who not only introduced me to the man’s novels, but to the author himself a few years back.

“At book eleven you would think that I would run out of ways to continue saying this series is wonderful. But with each new installment in Walt Longmire’s life, there’s new dimension and perspective, new characters to love and new sources of inspiration. Walt and crew grow and change through each bump, bruise and bullet wound. But like any human beings, they also maintain their core selves.”

If the name Walt Longmire rings a bell for you, it’s likely because of the A&E cable series, Longmire, about to open its third season this June. Catching either Walt on text or the small screen, is well worth the visit, I must say.

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