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Like treats, I rarely turn down awards — my wife can confirm, if need be. So, it was a more than pleasant surprise when the wonderful Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club gave me a Super Sweet Blogging Award a couple of days ago. To her who I had the pleasure of meeting, like in person…for real, at the TCM Film Fest in April, many thanks :-).

Of course, there are some strings attached. But, at least they’re easy to do or tied to a number I’m fond of.

The rules:
1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.
2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions.
3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.
4. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) of other deserving bloggers.
5. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blogs.


The questions:

1. Cookies or cake?

2841890166_b29a73315cCake, no question. In fact, when they were old enough to understand, I instructed each of my kids in recognizing the hidden gift of square or rectangular cakes and going for that icing-laden corner piece. The sweet tooth they inherited from their old man only reinforced the lesson as I only had to teach them that once.

2. Chocolate or vanilla?

It’s not even close. Chocolate. While her immediate family members adore it, my daughter couldn’t care less for the stuff. We now think she is some sort of alien spawn.


  1. Favorite sweet treat?

A See’s Candy Bordeaux. Every time I go into this candy store (did I mention I live within a couple of miles from the Los Angeles corporate office and factory?) and they offer me a free sample, I ask for this. The heavenly blend of creamy brown sugar covered in milk chocolate and decorated with chocolate rice.


  1. When do you crave sweet things the most?

When I’m stressed, or overly relaxed. Maybe when I’m sitting right next to it ;-).

5. Sweet nickname?

Hmm… Dulce?

As Paula mentioned in her post, “…these awards aren’t everyone’s cup of tea”. Nominees can answer the questions in a post, comments, or not at all. No worries. BTW, the graphic was done by Paula, who freely shared it with everyone. She’s so sweet!


My glacéd nominees:

  1. Jen’s Book Thoughts
  2. Pop Culture Nerd
  3. The Drowning Machine
  4. Meandering and Muses
  5. Kittling: Books
  6. Dog Eared Copy
  7. Lesa’s Book Critiques
  8. In the Comfy Chair
  9. Top 10 Films
  10. Defiant Success
  11. Filmplicity
  12. Cinematic Corner
  13. Kirkham Movie A Day

23 Responses to “Sweet!”

  1. Paula

    You’re so welcome Michael, and thank you for keeping the sweetness going! That’s so funny about the corner pieces, my dad and my husband are both devotees of same…luckily every rectangular cake has four corners 😉


  2. Naomi Johnson

    Congratulations, Michael, you earned this one for sure! And thanks for tagging me, too. I don’t feel very sweet these days, though. In fact, I feel very grumpy. So your sweetness is even more appreciated.


  3. 70srichard

    Definitely deserved and glad to be included on your roll. I may have trouble finding 13 to share with but I will try to follow up. See’s Bordeaux, YES. That is the best.


  4. ruth

    Awesome!! I know it’s crazy but I’m actually not fond of chocolate, well except those w/ almond in ’em 😀 Great post as always and congrats on the award Michael!


  5. jackdeth72

    Cake will always be a delectable delivery system for even more delicious frosting.



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