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Reblogged » Jen’s Book Thoughts: Summer Shorts 2014 – Peter Berkrot

Jen’s Book Thoughts: Summer Shorts 2014 – Peter Berkrot


One of my favorite bloggers is at it again with a marvelous interview and highlight. With June being Audiobook month, #JIAM, Jen Forbus of Jen’s Book Thoughts has narrator Peter Berkrot in her sights:

As many of you know June is Audiobook Month! Last year Xe Sands spearheaded a wonderful project called Summer Shorts and I was honored to be a part of it with Peter Berkrot. We had a fascinating phone conversation that resulted in this interview. And he was generous enough to also do a Five on Friday last year.

I was asked to be involved in the Summer Shorts project for this year (so I didn’t mess it up too bad last year) and I’m excited to be welcoming Peter back again. But first let me share with you a little about the project.

As an audiobook listener, there are great questions and answers had in this fun and in-depth feature by my good friend. Check it out.

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