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Purely Because of a Movie – Songs on My iPod Part 1


I’ve had an iPod in my life since Steve Jobs released the dang thing in late-2001. Coming up on a number I always note, 13, as in years. A first generation 5 GB version began the journey. I subsequently upgraded to a 10 GB third-gen, and then a fourth-gen 40 GB Photo version. Following up with a sixth-gen 120 GB, which was re-bought in the larger and rebranded ‘Classic’ 160 GB model (7th gen) when I lost that one.

At one time I lusted after the iPod Special Edition U2, but I got quickly over it when I saw the price.

I’ve stayed with the older, non-flash memory, non-touch music player for one reason. It’s the only Apple device capable of holding all of my digitized music, along with my audiobooks. That’s important to me, especially since I continue to add both to my music library. At times, due to the movies I’ve watched. As alluded in another series, the convergence of the music and film arts is one I’ve spent much time toward.

Collecting music has been a habit of mine since my youth, really. From vinyl to CDs, downloads, and ironically returning to vinyl. Noting that a fraction of the music ended up on my iPod byway of the films that featured it on their soundtracks. Even if it was years after the initial screening, it still got there purely because of a movie. Since it begins tomorrow, I thought to post a short music series for the summer of 2014.

I’ll attempt to break these songs up into the categories most fit into, purely to make it more manageable. As a start, from the fewest to most.


I do listen and have some Country and Western music in my library. Admittedly, it’s not a lot. This portion of song takes up the smallest amount of recorded storage on the computer’s hard drive and this old iPod of mine. Nonetheless, the movies contributed some of my favorites in this bracket.

smokey and the bandit

Eastbound and DownSmokey and the Bandit (1977): Just an energetic number written by the late-Jerry Reed and Dick Feller. Sung by Reed, who was such a personable artist and an underrated actor, it’s just puts a smile on your face.

Sweet Dreams

I Fall to PiecesSweet Dreams (1985): I’d certainly heard Patsy Cline‘s immortal tune before, but it hadn’t registered with me up to that point. Watching the film changed my mind toward the artist and song.

Con Air

How Do I LiveCon Air (1997): Trisha Yearwood’s version was used in the film. Strangely, singer LeAnn Rimes‘ cut was released simultaneous and even charted higher. LeAnn’s is my preferred cut on my iPod.


Ring of FireU-Turn (1997): A song forever known to Johnny Cash, and whose parentage (depending upon which wife of the singer’s you listen to) has been called into question. Certainly I’d heard his quintessential tune, but it took Oliver Stone’s unique film to make me finally get it (in more ways than one).

How about you? Any country songs you’ve collected because of a movie?

The entire series can be found here.

30 Responses to “Purely Because of a Movie – Songs on My iPod Part 1”

  1. Paul S

    “Eastbound and Down” is one of my favourites too. Jerry Reed and Fred the dog. Burt and Sally Field “going in the rocking chair”, and Bandit smiling directly into the camera after losing a Smokey on the journey to Texarcana. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

    One country song I did collect because of a movie was “Sometimes You Just Can’t Win” by George Jones, which featured in the film Flesh and Bone…..Heartbreaking!


    • le0pard13

      I need to screen Flesh and Bone then. I’ve certainly heard of it. The number does have a haunting quality.

      Many thanks, Paul! 🙂


  2. broadandhigh

    I got ‘Eastbound and Down’ because of the movie, too. I bought the soundtrack to the mini-series Hatfields & McCoys – I liked the music in general but I loved the song, ‘Oh, Malley-Mae.’ Especially liked the line, “Daddy’s sleeping with his gun and one eye open.’


  3. Rachel

    I think if I tracked all the music I liked from movies I could go days without ever leaving the soundtracks. 🙂

    I recall the How Do I Live simultaneous release was because Rimes and crew were pissed when she was dumped at the last minute for the Yearwood recording so they released anyway. I believe the movie folks thought she didn’t sound “mature” enough or some other word to denote that the song was less evocative from the younger Rimes. I distinctly remember how goofy the Rimes music video looked because it was supposed to be interspersed with movie scenes but, of course, was not when the production crew went in another direction.


    • le0pard13

      Ah, didn’t know that. Yeah, I see it with regard to Rimes music video. I’d have been pissed, too. I think has a purer voice than Yearwood (who does some on-air cooking, I hear).

      I understand about how much time all of the would take, if you’re into movie music. Heavens knows it’s eating much of my time of late ;-).

      Thanks, Rachel!


  4. fernandorafael

    I love Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell’s “Fallin’ and Flyin'” from Crazy Heart. Also, “Man of Constant Sorrow” from O Brother, Where Art Thou?”.


  5. Paragraph Film Reviews

    It’s a little more pop, but the OST for Country Strong is pretty good. The two-disc has another bunch of decent ‘inspired by the movie ‘ / ‘could afford the rights’ tracks too.


  6. Victor De Leon

    Haha! Eastbound and Down! Love that song! Great post, Michael.



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