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Same Song, Different Movie: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Buck Dharma

Built almost entirely around Roeser’s stellar guitar riff — it being the one song I taught my children how to air guitar as toddlers (much to their mother’s chagrin) — the track has gathered fans from each subsequent decade thereafter. Certainly, enough to collect movie acclaim over the years. If you listened to the lyrics carefully, that is. Two of which utilized the driving barre chords and the poetry of the lyrics to great effect from two distinct and contrary decades. The tune reverberated best in a pair of films from the 70s and 90s in striking backdrops by two wholly different directors dealing with death in their films.

My 13 Favorite Howard Hawks Films

Name someone who defined the gangster on film — and way, way before Coppola or Scorsese. Who would also go on to shape the screwball comedy, too. Might as well throw in the dark of film noir into the mix. Plus, take on that other Hollywood staple, the Western, challenging John Ford’s domain. And use John Wayne perhaps even more effectively. The answer would be one Howard Winchester Hawks (by the way, John Carpenter’s favorite director).