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The ABCs of a Blog Award


As you know, I don’t turn down awards. I’m selfish that way. Not that I don’t appreciate the nomination by Aurora (aka @CitizenScreen) over at Once upon a screen… for The ABC Award. I do. She’s simply awesome, as a writer, blogger, and friend. Her love of, and annual visits to, the TCM Film Festival attest to that.

I’m honored that a blog award with the word awesome in it comes my way. Really. Still, such things do come with rules. My kids will confirm I’m a stickler for such things:

  1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post. ✅

  2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.

  3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

One down. Now on to that second part… The other awesome bloggers I’d like to share this with include:

Ruth at Flixchatter

ckckred at Cinematic

Cindy at Cindy Bruchman

Keith at Keith & the Movies

Iba at i luv cinema

Finally, the hard part. Those pesky things about myself, irritating as some are ;-).


alphabet_a…is for my second favorite Frank Capra film, Arsenic and Old LaceThe film’s unexpected darkness, along with Cary Grant’s priceless double-takes, make it a classic.

Arsenic and Old Lace 7

alphabet_b…is for Bullitt. Likely Peter Yates most famous film, at least over on this side of the pond. A thriller that’s more than its famed car chase, or Steve McQueen’s blues.

alphabet_c…is for my favorite dessert, Capirotada. My grandmother’s delish Mexican Bread Pudding. Her’s didn’t exactly look like this, but it’s close enough.


alphabet_d…is for Do You Want to Know a Secret by The Beatles, from their Please Please Me album. John Lennon’s song still enchants me all these years later.

alphabet_e…is for Epiphany Proudfoot from Alan Parker’s Angel Heart film. Lisa Bonet was alluring as all Hell (pun intended), and her performance broke my heart.


alphabet_f…is for F-stop. Not that I ever thought I’d become a pro, but at one time shooting 35mm film images with my SLR was one of my favorite things to do.


alphabet_g…is for the first letter of my actual given name. I’m a middle child who only uses his middle name. Sometime in the future I’ll explain why I don’t use it.


alphabet_h…is for Hell House. A favorite Richard Matheson horror novel of mine, later adapted to film, which my duo post partner Rachel and I will examine come October.


alphabet_i…is for Isabel. Meaning “God’s Promise”, from the Hebrew “Elisheba”. My maternal grandmother’s first name, and the other mother who raised me.

abuela's hand

alphabet_j…is for James, as in Bond. Still my favorite male character, from the longest running film series I’ve seen in its entirety. Naturally, I’m a Sean Connery Man, myself.


alphabet_k…is for Key Largo. Not the island off the Florida coast. For both the ’48 film by John Huston, and the sentimental ’82 Bertie Higgins song my wife hates, but I love:

alphabet_l…is for Licence to Kill. My favorite, his last, of Timothy Dalton’s OO7 films. A darker direction for the Bond franchise, with an underappreciated actor in the role.


alphabet_m…is for Michelle Pfeiffer. One of the most bewitching and versatile actresses to have claimed me as a longtime fan. Her work in this film partly explains why.


alphabet_n…is for Nectarine. A preferred fruit I look forward to every summer. I’ll gladly accept the white or yellow variety. Can’t get enough of them.


alphabet_o…is for One After 909. An underrated song from the Let It Be album I picked awhile back, which doesn’t get either the play or the credit it deserves.

alphabet_p…is for Phase IV. I remain a steadfast fan of this 1974 sci-fi cult classic. Directed, in his only feature film stint, by famed graphic designer and titles master, Saul Bass.

phase IV

alphabet_q…is for Quick Change. The underrated 1990 New York comedy that has a recognizable 70s vibe to it. J.D. explains why, “You can go ahead and shoot us now!”

quick change

alphabet_r…is for Right-handed. I’m that, just like Norman Bates’ mom. However, I do a number other things like a southpaw. Yet, none involving sharp implements ;-).


alphabet_s…is for Snuff. THE most inept and repellent movie I ever had the distinct displeasure of projecting in 1976. One of the few movies I wish I could UNwatch.


alphabet_t…is for Taco. My favorite food as a kid. The authentic kind my grandmother made, not the ones she’d have an altogether different word for.

taco chingadera

alphabet_u…is for Underworld. My guilty pleasure of a genre franchise. Because it stars Kate Beckinsale…as a vampire…in tight fitting black leather outfits.

alphabet_v…is for Vulcan. Still the most fascinating alien and ally from the Star Trek universe. You’d be a fool to not have this friend by your side.


alphabet_w…is for Watermelon. The other summer fruit that doesn’t last very long in my house. Especially if it’s ripe and sweet, since my wife also loves them.


alphabet_x…is for Xerox. The reason I married said wife, I reckon. She’d come up to use our photocopier machine on my floor at work, and the rest is history.


alphabet_y…is for Yiddish. I have learned more words of this language than I’d ever have expected. Primarily, by working where I have for more than three decades, bubbe.


alphabet_z…is for Zephyr.

“I’ve always liked that word… “zephyr”… so rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence.”

If that doesn’t work for you, then it’s for Zombieland. The clever, politically keen horror film from 2009. John Kenneth Muir explains why I love it so.


27 Responses to “The ABCs of a Blog Award”

  1. Nostra

    Like the new look of the blog! Never heard of Capirotada, but that looks delicious. Also seems you really like your fruit!

    Have to admit that I never heard of Phase IV, but Saul Bass is all you needed to say, will check that one out!


    • le0pard13

      Thank you, Nostra. Ruth, whom I hear you met on her recent vacation, did the new banner. I love it! Yes, please do check out Phase IV. An underrated sci-fi film by a fantastic artist.


  2. jackdeth72

    Congratulations, Michael!

    Can’t understand why so many have dismissed or not seen ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’. Carey Grant at him most rapid fire, slap stick, pratfall best!

    Can’t argue with Michelle Pfeiffer. Lots of layered talent behind that beguiling smile!

    ‘Phase IV’ takes its time to weave a great tale without a lot of answers. Criminally under rated!

    ‘Underworld’ has a distinct, old school Diana Rigg/Emma Peel vibe about it.


    • le0pard13

      Thank you very much, Kevin. If possible, I always try to steer new fans of Frank Capra to Arsenic and Old Lace. Such a wonderfully fun, and dark, gem of a film. Glad to hear you’re a Phase IV fan, my friend. Oooo, yes. The Diana Rigg/Emma Peel is definitely there for Underworld. 🙂


  3. cindybruchman

    Ha! Thanks! I love your alphabet; nice to get to know you. I missed ‘Night Change’ and yay to Pfeiffer, Vulcans, The Beatles, and 007. 🙂


  4. Paul S

    I’m glad you entered into the spirit of the award, and reading your alphabet it’s uncanny how similar our tastes are.
    If I ever make it to your side of the pond I’ll be sure to stop by for some authentic tacos and a viewing of Tequila Sunrise. Hopefully on Criterion Blu-ray!


    • le0pard13

      You are more than welcome to come by for that, Paul 🙂 Great to hear you’re a fan of some of my answers and tastes. Many thanks, my friend 🙂


  5. Rick Ouellette

    Congrats. Love the list as well, but as an alternative how about Z for “Zardoz”? Then you could have included a pic of Sean Connery in an outfit far different from his Bond tuxedo.


    • le0pard13

      Thank you so much, Rick. Oh, yes. Zardoz offered a far, far different outfit for Sean Connery than the OO7 attire he’d stepped away from 😉


    • le0pard13

      Isn’t she? No matter what she’s in, I make it a personal choice to give it a chance. Heck, I picked up ‘Whiteout’ because she’s in it, and that’s saying somethin’ (if you’ve seen the film, that is). Many thanks, Keith 🙂


  6. Aurora

    Fantastic, my friend!! So much fun to learn a bit more about you. Thanks so much for indulging me and gracing the blogosphere with your awesomeness.



  7. Victor De Leon

    Awesome post, Mike! Congrats 🙂 This was a fun read. Found out some very cool stuff about you. Thanks for sharing, man. Nice work!


  8. ruth

    Woo hoo, congrats Michael! I’d have nominated you as well if I had gotten this first 😉 I really appreciate the mention and all your support of FlixChatter, I can’t thank you enough.

    Love the Licence to Kill mention, though me being a Dalton Bond geek noticed it’s the pic from Living Daylights, tee hee.

    Thanks again for the award, I’ll be sure to do this though it’ll take me a while to get to it 😉


    • le0pard13

      D’oh! Good catch, Ruth, which I’ve now fixed 😉

      Always happy to support one of my favorite sites and bloggers. You so deserved it 🙂

      Many thanks, my friend.


  9. Morgan R. Lewis

    Great list, leop. Fun at the same time as giving us a little more insight into you.

    I’m always a little amused by “Do You Want to Know a Secret?” It’s a nice song, but I can’t help but laugh at the way “I’m in love with you” is so much louder than the parts about coming in close and whispering in her ear. I keep picturing the poor girl hurriedly putting her hands over her ears.

    I’ve gotta ask on the tacos… is “chingaderas” the actual name, or is that a colorful expression, so to speak? I mean, I think I recognize half of the root word, but what I recognize is something I learned from Spanish-speaking kids because it wasn’t something they would have taught in Spanish class…


    • le0pard13

      Great to hear from you, Morgan! Y’know, I hadn’t realized that about “Do You Want to Know a Secret?” But you’re right!

      And yes, “chingaderas” is a colorful expression of disdain toward to a bastardized food. They don’t teach it in Spanish class, but the root word you’ve spotted is one the Spanish-speaking learn early. Many times from their parents 😉
      Thanks so much, my friend 🙂


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