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  • MIxtape

    Labor Day Special: Beatles Mixtape for Joe

    Yesterday, friend and author Joe Maddrey over at his blog, Movies Made Me, noted this in his enjoyably contemplative Music Made Me #1: Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam post: “About a…

  • linda-ronstadt

    Friday Song: Different Drum

    Written by: Mike Nesmith Acoustic Guitars: Bernie Leadon, Kenny Edwards, Al Viola Harpsichord: Don Randi Bass: Lyle Ritz Drums: Jim Gordon Concert Master: Sid Sharp Produced by:…

  • WhereEaglesDare

    Opening Titles: Where Eagles Dare

    There are films, whether they are the important classics of cinephiles or not, which leave a distinct impression. And if they occurred during your formative years, it meant those…

  • Toy-Story-2-Jessie

    Versus AFI: Top 10 of 100 Years… 100 Songs

    Last month I completed the series I began back in January that examined and remarked on The American Film Institute and its recent proclivity to create lists. Specifically,…


    Vega$ Trip

    Born and raised in L.A., with all its surrounding iridescent street and building lights, hardly readied me for this. Only driving across the barren wasteland, between here and there, could do that. At night, moonless, with only the car’s headlights (and those of any other autos sharing that lonely road) for fellowship, brought a new grasp to it all.


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