Still more lazy thoughts from this one…

  • collateral

    TMT: “Ah, I got lucky with the lights.”

    This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time series that was begun in May 2011. In staying with the unexpected film theme I find myself in this week, I offer up…

  • irongiant

    What a Way to End the Year: 7×7 Link Award

    I’m not quite sure if it is an indicator or not, but I’ve received my second award this week. Matt Stewart (he of Matt & The Art of Motion Pictures blog) very…

  • a scanner darkly

    A Scanner Darkly Film Review

    Once again, dear readers, my esteemed blogger companion (Rachel of a Scientist Gone Wordy) and I have ventured into another of our parallel posts where we review and discuss a…


    Vega$ Trip

    Born and raised in L.A., with all its surrounding iridescent street and building lights, hardly readied me for this. Only driving across the barren wasteland, between here and there, could do that. At night, moonless, with only the car’s headlights (and those of any other autos sharing that lonely road) for fellowship, brought a new grasp to it all.


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