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More Movie Meme Madness

Another of those movie memes making its way ‘cross social networks. If I’m going to do it, might as well be here. Pitiful, I know, but here goes.

Most Hated Movie Of All Time

God, I hate this motion picture. Immediately wanted those two-plus hours back after sitting in a movie theater; hated it even more after the damn thing won Best Picture.

Movie I Think Is Overrated

Now, I think this a fine film, but “the greatest” as many others do? I think not. It’s not even the director’s best (cough…Boogie Nights)1. There, I said it.

Movie I Think Is Underrated

For what’s generally considered “a genre flick” and a paycheck movie for Spike Lee, its clever script and the social criticism one expects from this filmmaker, his “heist movie” is way undervalued.

Movie I Love

Another of my annual watches, and it only gets better each time I do. The best work for the actor (James Stewart) and director (Frank Capra).

Movie I Secretly Love

Yeah, it’s not the most true adaptation of my all-time favorite sci-fi novel, but David Lynch’s film still closest in spirit…even with that damn “Weirding Module” thingy hanging off people’s necks.

Favorite Action Movie

Has two of my all-time fave action sequences (Ripley’s Marine Rescue and LV-426 Escape-Newt Rescue-Fight With Queen), one of the all-time best sequels ever, and one Hell of an emotional ending; how can I not pick it?

Favorite Drama

While a “crime saga”, a thriller, even an action junkie’s favorite, at its core, Michael Mann’s best is a two-man drama — with indubitable screen legends helming each role. Had to know I’d find a place for this here.

Favorite Horror

Saw it first-run, even read the late-William Peter Blatty’s novel because of it, and it’s never left me. Horrifying, scary, and emotional, just everything you’d want in this genre. Keeps delivering upon re-watch, too.

Favorite Comedy

Howard Hawks’ and my top AFI pick still stands the test of time: “Funny, smart, and lightning quick on its feet, the film is one of the few remakes that surpassed the original by leaps and bounds.”

Favorite Disney Movie

Everything you’d expect in a great Disney movie — animation that dazzles, heartfelt underdog story, and fantastic voice acting… tone-deaf stereotyping…but still. And of course, the late-Robin Williams.

Favorite Sci-Fi Movie

Said it before: “Haunting, visionary, strangely touching and insightful as only science-fiction can, and regularly does, intrigue and absorb those who follow it, I could not have chosen otherwise.”

Favorite Animated Movie

“Simply, this one is the epitome of what’s great about a film of animation. Images of characters that not only tell a story, but breathe life into those drawn figures and make you feel something you didn’t walk in the movie theater with.”

Favorite Superhero Movie

Again, covered this already: “A comic book superhero movie, of all things, that had something to say about our security state (post-9/11) and loss of privacy.” Would have listed Superman The Movie (1978) otherwise.

Favorite Musical

Essentially Bob Fosse’s “8½”, but a film that not only stands on its own, but the perfect send-off for the tumultuous decade that spawned a unique musical such as this. “It’s showtime, folks!”

Favorite Documentary

Fascinating to learn things about your hometown.

Favorite Western

Besides Eastwood’s masterwork, “It also should be mentioned that this was the most noirish of Westerns. Cinematographer Jack N. Green accomplished an extraordinarily beautiful job in his lensing of the film.”

Favorite Martial Arts

“Fist of Fury” (aka “The Chinese Connection” in the U.S.) and Bruce Lee changed my feeling toward the genre that became known as the Kung Fu Craze, but my general assumption of who the default lead had to be.

Favorite Indie

Quentin Tarantino’s sophomore effort, even after it pissed me off initially, the motion picture that convinced me this budding filmmaker was worth following.

Favorite Bad Movie

All of the women I know who’ve seen this, think it terrible. Including my daughter and spouse, the latter wanted to trash the disc after seeing it. At least the late-Roger Ebert and I love this Alex Proyas mess.

Childhood Favorite

Likely one of the very first ’50s Sci-Fi/Monster flick I saw growing up that set a high standard for story and character for this genre, regardless of any atomic bomb testing fallout lingering.

Favorite Franchise

“Bond…James Bond.”

Best Trilogy

For a sci-fi movie trilogy it has everything I need: a time-travel tale, definitive music, multiple character-arcs, Drew Struzan poster art, wonderfully imaginative storytelling, and lastly…a beating heart.

Guilty Pleasure

Seriously, love this movie. My favorite of only a handful noted scribe Robert Towne directed; it’s Casablancaesque, set in my backyard of the South Bay with ’80s drug smuggling…and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Favorite Director

Warts and all, still my favorite to have at the helm.

Favorite Actor

There’s only ever been one.

Favorite Actress

Still my all-time favorite Hepburn.

Favorite Foreign Film

Ang Lee’s that I can watch on a loop.

Favorite Movie This Year So Far

The popular pick, but it’s mine, too.

Worst Movie So Far This Year

Just on general principle.

Movie I Have Recently Seen

What I Thought Of It: “No wonder many had this film as one that could/should have won Best Picture.”

Most Anticipated Film Of This Year

Favorite Movie Of All Time

Self-explanatory, really.

  1. And liked Daniel Day-Lewis doing the same scene-chewing schtick better in Gangs From New York, come to think of it. 

28 Responses to “More Movie Meme Madness”

  1. Paul S

    Heat, His Girl Friday and Tequila Sunrise! Yes, yes , yes! I’m sounding like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally…
    I do share your opinion of There Will be Blood, although seeing as I gave up on it halfway through, I should probably give it another chance.

    Liked by 3 people

    • le0pard13

      I understand your feeling towards TWBB and its first half. Pays off in the second, though. But not enough for me to think it’s PTA’s best. Glad we’re on the same wavelength on many, Paul. Thanks, my friend. 🙂


  2. Cindy Bruchman

    Too funny. Loved your post and comments, Michael. Especially the part about DDL and PTA. I just watched ‘Hidden Figures’ last night and loved it, too. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of them before! Crazy!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Mark Walker

    Great post, Michael. Imagine you squeezing Heat in there 😉

    Love the love for Blade Runner and even though you say it’s a guilty pleasure, I remember really liking Tequila Sunrise too. In fact, I recently got hold of a copy for a rewatch. It’s been years.

    Liked by 2 people

    • le0pard13

      Yeah, you know me well enough, Mark. 😉

      And yes, had to fit Tequila Sunrise somewhere into this and that was the closest fit. Thanks so much, my friend. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. wilberfan

    +1 for your Boogie Nights shout-out. Hard to imagine me *ever* liking another PTA film MORE than that one. TWBB is an excellent film; I have no problem with DDL’s performance. I may never forgive PTA for “Inherent Vice”. (I’m praying “Phantom Thread” makes up for it.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • le0pard13

      Yes, we’re in agreement regarding ‘Boogie Nights’. In the years since the film has only grown in achievement. Looking forward to ‘Phantom Thread’, too. Many thanks, W. 🙂


  5. ruth

    Hi Michael! Hope you’re well. Been swamped with my short film project, as you likely already know. Oooh I like this idea for a post, and of course I so agree w/ your answers for HEAT, The Winter Soldier and 007 franchise 😀 Oh and now I REALLY want to check out DUNE!

    Liked by 2 people

    • le0pard13

      Glad to see you back, for however long it may be, knowing your plate is full, at the moment. Thank you so much, Ruth. 😀


      • ruth

        I try to visit my friends when I find time but yeah it’s getting scarce… but hey, can’t complain when you’re living the dream 😀

        Liked by 1 person


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