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Reprise » A Meme of 15 (Directors)

About five years ago, my friend J.D. — he of the wonderful RADIATOR HEAVEN blog — wrote about a particular meme that had arisen in the ether back then. Since…


The Jerome Moross Centennial.

Originally posted on 50 Westerns From The 50s.:
Today would be composer Jerome Moross’ 100th birthday. 50s Western fans know him for his terrific score for The…


Versus AFI: 10 Top 10 – Romantic Comedy

Previous: Western This is the continuation of a series I began in January of this year that examines and remarks on The American Film Institute and its recent propensity to create Top…


Reprise: It’s the Little Things in Wyler’s The Big Country

A couple of years back, my umpteenth viewing of one of my all-time favorite westerns on Turner Classic Movies, William Wyler’s The Big Country, had the whole family…


TMT: House of Hur

“May God grant me vengeance! I will pray that you live until I return!” ~ Judah Ben-Hur to his childhood friend, Massala, who has sentenced him to the slave galleys


Versus AFI: 10 Top 10 – Epics

Without a doubt, The American Film Institute has the gift for generating opinions among fans and film aficionados. If you’re unaware, the AFI is a non-profit organization created…