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Sky Above – The Enemy Below

As this is the Memorial Day holiday, I’ve made a habit of watching war films in remembrance of the men and women who died serving this country. Two of Powell’s were such, and very good films as a matter of fact. Since my colleague Kevin highlighted one last year in a guest post, The Hunters (1958), I’ll promote his first that preceded it. The supremely underrated, The Enemy Below (1957).

Guest Post » Robert Mitchum At His Best: The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973)

Crime and corruption are nothing new to the state of Massachusetts. Its capital, major cities and outlying burgs. Though, there seems to be no lack of new ideas, ways and means in the quick and dirty task of taking money from bank vaults. Preferably from out of the way suburban banks. By using the branch manager’s family as hostages under the threat of death as the illegal transaction is accomplished.