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Tales from the (Movie) Theater: The Owner (Part 2)

So, what were the lessons gleamed while employed there? Scrimping was a way of life for independents. The economics of the movie theater in the mid-70s hadn’t changed much since the 30s and 40s either. Studios made their money from the box office — and theater owners made theirs from the concession stand.

Superman: The Movie Intro & Opening Titles

My generous colleague, Ruth of Flixchatter, kicks off her countdown this week for likely the most anticipated film of the year, Man of Steel. She offered moi a chance to contribute to the endeavor, as well, since we’re both big fans of the progenitor of the modern comic hero film, Superman, The Movie. That’ll come on Thursday. Today is my appreciation for one of my favorites (and all-time best). Its opening title sequence.