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61 Thoughts on This Day

In no particular order on this the thirteenth day of August, halfway through the second decade of the 21st century: Advertisements


I’m Not Missing A Summer Movie Quiz by Dennis — No Matter How Late

Blogger, noted New Beverly Cinema and drive-in movie supporter, and genuinely real good guy (along with being a good friend), Dennis Cozzalio is one who focuses…


Reblogged » The Thing Alternative Posters – Films – ShortList Magazine

Reblogged: The Thing Alternative Posters – Films – ShortList Magazine. The clever folk at ShortList Magazine posted on another seminal John Carpenter flick, The Thing. Examining…


Spring Fling: Year of Bests – 2014

A couple of years back, I did not publish a year-end piece on those articles I most enjoyed reading for the period. Routinely, my online reading…


A Friday Night Lights Appreciation: The Best of Times

“Bakersfield must be destroyed!” Usually around this time of year, I’ll start watching darker, some would say horrific, fare as the autumn builds toward Halloween. My colleague…


Free Fall Film Review

With the upcoming L.A. Times Festival of Books right around the corner, it means springtime is here in the southland. No wonder I feel so freakin’…