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Born Into Film: 1954 – Top 13 From My Birth Year

Things move too fast these days, and I’m not saying that because I turned the big “6-0” this year. No, I say it because I notice what’s not here anymore. Sure, the old Helm’s Bakery closed its doors in 1969 and has been rebirthed into its own district of food, design, and furnishing shops here in the unofficial movie studio municipality of Culver City. That’s not it. It’s those sites where I once hung out online, but can’t now.

They’re not there anymore.

Scott Lawlor’s superb Front Room Cinema site one of them. Fine writer and movie blogger. He’s still on Twitter, and maybe I’ll hear from him, if he reads this. Always had good commentary and interesting articles on his site. A series that comes to mind was one I hoped I’d contribute to. One day. Found the draft again in my bin, which came byway FRC contributor Tom Bielby. The idea for it was simple enough:

“List a group of films that were released on the year you were born that you would still like to watch today. No rules on list length, it is up to you. As a bonus, list 3 people or so that were born the same year as you that you admire, either because of their acting / directing / writing skills, or even just because they are hot.”

I’d better get off my duff and do it then. Specifically before this blog disappears and someone starts to wonder, “Hey, whatever happened to that weird, It Rains… You Get Wet?” I’ll limit it to my favorite number, 13, for the films released the year of my birth, 1954, that still draw me in. Even at this decrepit age. In alphabetical order, with the last on the list very timely right now, in fact (and will view again real soon).

20,000 leagues under the sea

the caine mutiny

carmen jones

dial m for murder


the high and the mighty

on the waterfront

rear window


seven samurai


vera cruz

white christmas

Because of their acting / directing / writing skills, and just because they are hot, the three born the same year as moi who I’ll watch in anything they do:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What about you? Care to join in on the subject? What can say? The year, and you, aren’t getting any younger. 😉

25 Responses to “Born Into Film: 1954 – Top 13 From My Birth Year”

  1. Sam Juliano

    For me it is SANSHO THE BAILIFF, REAR WINDOW, ON THE WATERFRONT and THE SEVEN SAMURAI as the greatest films of that year, in fact every one is surely among the greatest films of all-time.

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  2. jackdeth72

    Excellent choices, Michael!

    Being another child of 1954. You hit the highlights.

    Disney was in his heyday with ‘20,000 Leagues…’ and for their times, superior special effects. ‘Them!’ was one of the first and best, intelligently written “Big Bug” films. ‘The Caine Mutiny’ revealed itself to be not a Humphrey Bogart film, but solid service ensemble work of the highest order. As Mel Ferrer steals scenes with polished ease.

    Hitchcock was hitting them out of the park with ‘Rear Window’ and ‘Dial M For Murder’.

    Kurosawa marking his beach head with ‘The Seven Samurai’. While Toho Studios proved early on that: “If it isn’t a guy in a rubber suit destroying downtown Tokyo. IT AIN’T GODZY!”

    And Ellen Barkin has till got it!!!

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  3. Paul S

    I’m glad you’ve revived this feature. I’ve often wondered what happened to Scott (AKA Custard) , he was such a ubiquitous presence and then in the blink of an eye he was gone. Hopefully your post will lead to a revival of this series.

    Looking at your selections On the Waterfront and Rear Window rank amongst my favourites and of other films released in your birth year I’d include Johnny Guitar, The Naked Jungle which I loved as a child, and the heady symbolic western The Track of the Cat.

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    • le0pard13

      This was a great series by Scott. I miss his work and presence on the web. Hope to hear from him someday, I hope. Yours is fantastic as well, Paul. Especially for Joan Crawford, Charlton Heston, and Robert Mitchum in those. Splendid. Thank you very much, my friend.


  4. ruth

    Glad to see you put this together Michael! I miss Scott, too bad he’s disappeared from the blogosphere all of a sudden.

    Lots of great movies here, one of them is on my Blindspot list for next year, yay! I was close to putting On the Waterfront on my list, maybe next year then 😀

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