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TFH: Alan Spencer on A Fish Called Wanda

a fish called wanda

The good folks over at Joe Dante’s Trailers From Hell site gave screenwriter/producer Alan Spencer a platform to espouse on the greatness for one of my favorite comedies, A Fish Called Wanda. Why it works so beautifully, even more than a quarter of a century later, is laid bare. As much as John Cleese was in his famous nude scene of the film.

Give it a watch. You shant be disappointed1.

  1. It should also be said, A Fish Called Wanda, like other notable British films (The Long Good Friday and most recently In Bruges) featured one of the best verbal takedowns of ugly American types in cinema, in my opinion. There, I said it. 

2 Responses to “TFH: Alan Spencer on A Fish Called Wanda”

  1. cindybruchman

    I loved ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. I really fell for Kevin Kline as a comedian and realized his brilliance. It was a great comedy.



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