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Six Years Ago Today

NYC View

Empire State Building – 86th Floor View

Near the end of our last full day/night in the city, we headed out for the iconic Empire State Building. Between those hawking their independent tour services right outside of it, the $20 charge each adult (kids a little less) had to pay to get one to the 86th floor observatory station — double that to get you to the 102nd floor station — and any fear of heights, it was quite something. Oh, and its gift store on the 80th floor had a great many An Affair to Remember memorabilia (including the DVD) on sale. But, the views were magnificent; my son (13 years-old at the time) caught this cloud cast sunset from on high.

4 Responses to “Six Years Ago Today”

  1. ruth

    WOW that’s a great shot Michael! I was just at the top of Empire State Building last year, the view never got old. Oh yes and I did check out those memorabilia too, LOVE that film!

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