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Quote » The Two Jakes


“What I do for a living may not be very reputable. But I am. In this town I’m the leper with the most fingers.”

8 Responses to “Quote » The Two Jakes”

  1. Cavershamragu

    Really need to see this again – the comparison with CHINATOWN made me not like it that much at the time but I’d like to give it another go. Would love to see what’s left of the first attempt to film it though … Has that footage ever surfaced?

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    • le0pard13

      Not that I’ve heard. Attended a revival screening of Chinatown a few years ago, with Robert Towne in discussion. He thought this a decent enough sequel, not great. Originally, these were part of a trilogy of screenplays, each highlighting some of L.A.’s founding fathers dark deeds. Wish someday someone would take on the final tale of his. Thanks, Sergio.



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