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Reprise – The Future Is Now? Then It’s Quiz Time!

Because I’m lazy I wanted to have them all in one place, I’m pulling my earliest movie quiz posts from the old blog archive and placing them on my current. I’ll dust them off and add a bit of images and exposition to them, but the answers will remain the same. This one from the day-after-you-know-what at the end of 2010 was more than fitting for today.



Dennis Cozzalio, he of the wonderfully named Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule blog, has come up with yet another of his cinematically off-the-wall but thoroughly inspired movie quizzes for his readers. Great timing, too, since with Christmas over I no longer know what to do with myself (except clean-up wrapping paper, buy more batteries, and wonder where the hell the year went). So, without further a do, let’s tackle a subject near and dear to my heart (you are more than welcome to participate, btw) with:


1) Best Movie of 2010

Twilight Eclipse… just kidding. While I’m still catching up with all of the end-of-year contenders, if the criteria were only restricted to something I want to see again and again, it would be a tie between these two imaginative and affecting films:

2) Second-favorite Roman Polanski Movie

If Chinatown is my #1 (and it is), then it’s got to be the underrated Frantic from 1988.

3) Jason Statham or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

I enjoy watching them both, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s self-deprecating humor clinched it for me.


4) Favorite movie that could be classified as a genre hybrid

Neil Marshall’s Doomsday. It may be the epitome of derivative, but it’s a bloody fun amalgamation.


5) How important is foreknowledge of a film’s production history? Should it factor into one’s reaction to a film?

Ultimately, no. The film has to stand on its own to be worthy of any merit it receives. While I enjoy reading about a film’s production history, I’d rather have it make for fascinating trivia.

6) William Powell & Myrna Loy or Cary Grant & Irene Dunne

Cary Grant & Irene Dunne, solely because Grant remains one of my all-time favorite actors, and Irene is My Favorite Wife.

my favorite wife3

7) Best Actor of 2010

Colin Firth will likely get this, but James Franco in 127 Hours is pretty friggin’ unforgettable.

8) Most important lesson learned from the past decade of watching movies

If it’s not early matinée pricing and parking validation, then it has to be listening to blogging friends film recommendations.

9) Last movie seen (DVD/Blu-ray/theater)

DVD: The Ice Harvest  Blu-ray: Knight and Day  Theater: TRON Legacy

10) Most appropriate punishment for director Tom Six

A lack of notoriety would do just fine.

11) Best under-the-radar movie almost no one else has had the chance to see

Easy. This one:

12) Sheree North or Angie Dickinson

It has to be Angie, natch — especially for Rio BravoPoint Blank, and Dressed to Kill, among others. And as Patrick commented,

How many presidents did Sheree North sleep with?”

13) Favorite nakedly autobiographical movie

title all that jazz

14) Movie which best evokes a specific real-life place

Michael Mann’s Heat for my hometown.


15) Best Director

Tie between Christopher Nolan and Lee Unkrich (see my answer to question #1)

16) Second-favorite Farrelly Brothers Movie

I like Fever Pitch (second to Kingpin), but not much else of theirs.

17) Favorite holiday movie

Even after all these years, it remains It’s a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life

18) Best Actress

Has to be Natalie Portman in Black Swan

19) Joe Don Baker or Bo Svenson 

Joe Don Baker, if for nothing else than his Darius Jedburgh and memorable pairing with Bob Peck in the original British mini-series, Edge of Darkness

20) Of those notable figures in the world of the movies who died in 2010, name the one you’ll miss the most

trentjacketRobert Culp. The man turned up in so many television shows and films I watched in my youth, and on. He was always an interesting person, actor, writer, and I dare say, a vastly underrated director. His character of Trent, from Harlan Ellison’s Demon with a Glass Hand story, remains my choice for most memorable character (and episode) from the original Outer Limits TV series. Simply, the man could play comedy or drama, hero and villain, lead or character actor with such ease and skill. And he will be sorely missed by me.

21) Think of a movie with a notable musical score and describe what it might feel like without that accompaniment.

Watched this film last month on TCM, The Big Country. Jerome Moross’ score is magnificent. And while William Wyler’s film would have remained exceptional without its contribution, it likely would not have been the sterling classic it remains without that grand soundtrack.

22) Best Screenplay

Joel & Ethan Cohen’s adaptation of the Charles Portis novel for True Grit.

23) Movie You Feel Most Evangelistic About Right Now

It would be Charles Ferguson’s documentary, Inside Job — along with my answer to question #11, either will get your blood up.

24) Worst/funniest movie accent ever

Bronson Pinchot doing Serge in Beverly Hills Cop

25) Best Cinematography

I’d have to go with fellow blogger Bryce Wilson’s selection of Shutter Island


26) Olivia Wilde or Gemma Arterton

Olivia Wilde. Damn, does the camera love her in TRON: Legacy!

27) Name the three best movies you saw for the first time in 2010 (Thanks, Larry!)

Toy Story 3
True Grit

28) Best romantic movie couple of 2010

With all due respect to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison, I’ll take the older and lethal power couple of Helen Mirren and Brian Cox from RED any day of the week.


29) Favorite shock/surprise ending

I went back and forth with this one — The Sixth Sense and Memento duking it out, but finally settled on the multiple surprise layers of The Prestige.


30) Best cinematic reason to have stayed home and read a book in 2010

Anything directed by Tom Six — ah crap… I invalidated my answer for question #10!

31) Movies in 2011 could make me much happier if they’d only

… stop this man from making another Transformers movie:

To see all of my answers to every SLIFR movie quiz I’ve participated in, click here.

7 Responses to “Reprise – The Future Is Now? Then It’s Quiz Time!”

  1. cindybruchman

    I really liked ‘Shutter Island’ and the cinematography for it. I kept thinking
    Scorsese was revisiting himself from the awesome redux ‘Cape Fear’. Both were creepy films.


  2. jackdeth72

    Hi, Michael:

    Excellent Infield Fly selection of questions, Sergio!

    We’re thinking way too much alike on many items, Michael. Solidly with you regarding ‘All That Jazz’ and the passing of Robert Culp. Who honed his talents with ‘The Outer Limits’ and ‘Combat!’. Before taking on Kelly Robinson and later, the very un Cosby and Culp ‘Hickey & Boggs’.

    Real life place?: I’m going east coast with either ‘Across 110th Street’, ‘Report to the Commissioner’ and/or ‘Fort Apache: The Bronx’.

    Joe Don Baker. For his work in ‘Framed’ and the original Brit ‘Edge of Darkness’.

    Movie without accompaniment? ‘The Professionals’. Also, ‘Once upon a time in The West’.

    Romantic couple(s)?: Older is better. Cannot argue with Helen Mirren and Brian Cox!

    Favorite shock/surprise ending?: ‘The Parallax View’. No one sees it coming!



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