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Howard Hawks Blogathon, May 15- May 31,2013

Ratnakar, of the Seetimaar-Diary of a Movie Lover site, has come up with a fine film figure befitting a fantastic blogathon: Howard Hawks. May 15-31, 2013. This ought to be grand.

Seetimaar-Diary of a Movie Lover

Howard Hawks, a name that evokes to me memories of a group of hunters, chasing down a rhino in the wilds of Africa, one of the most epic action scenes ever in movie history.  Hatari  was the first Howard Hawks movie I saw on the big screen, and was fascinated by the scenes of the animal hunts, especially the rhino capture.  And that made me explore some of his earlier movies.

Howard Hawks to me was one of the greats of  Hollywood’s Golden era, a man who directed movies that just about covered all genres. He could switch from zany screwball comedies like His Girl Friday  to Westerns like Rio Bravo to a noir classic like The Big Sleep with ease. He was not a director  you could slot in a specific genre, war, noir, Westerns, big screen adventure, screwball comedies, he just about covered all bases. He was…

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3 Responses to “Howard Hawks Blogathon, May 15- May 31,2013”

  1. ruth

    Oooh, I definitely should submit the post from Jack Deth on Howard Hawks. You’re participating on this one then Michael? I look forward to your post 😀



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