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Epic, yes… But Awesome?

epicallyawesomeawardEarlier this month, the epically awesome Natasha of the grand Film and Things blog, bestowed upon moi the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness. Who am I to not accept such a prize? Oh, not me. So I say, very epically, thank you, Natasha. And I urge my readers to check out the passionate one who writes “… about films and writing” including “… reviews or other film and media related articles.”

So on to the rules, which are very simple:

1. Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself.

2. Pass it on to 10 bloggers you think are awesome and/or epic – or both.

Awesome Facts About Me (or, Natasha you asked for it)

  1. I can snag anything. It remains my not so secret power. Just ask my wife what I’ve accomplished with scissors in hand over the years (this involves maimed sweaters of hers, btw) or items sitting innocently on some counter or table, only to find themselves in a broken heap ‘cuz I happened by.
  2. As a road cyclist many years ago, I was only a so-so hill climber. You’d never find me among the leaders at the front of the pack. But going downhill… I could fly.
  3. A collector am I, especially with movies. The ever-growing library of DVDs/Blu-ray Discs is testament. All kinds. Current titles to the hard to find or appreciate. From the Japanese version of El Cid on Blu-ray (only one available at the moment of this epic that can play in my high-def player) to the U.K. edition of The Quick and The Dead (the one with the racy deleted scene of Russell Crowe and Sharon Stone making out).
  4. I have been known to successfully troubleshoot a Mac, or two.
  5. Through the years, I’ve seen a number of films in the most unique movie theaters around. Living in a city with an extraordinary number of them being the prime reason it was all possible.
  6. Hard fingernails have I. No kidding. I’ve turned slotted screws with these things on occasion (when a screwdriver wasn’t handy).
  7. Awaking in a snap? No problem. Handy talent at o’dark thirty for those times when my wife says things like, “What’s that noise?” or “One of the kids is up.” Only bloomed after I became a parent, however.
  8. At large family reunions (on my wife’s side), I’ve been known to write on my name tag, “Tech Support” or “Married Best.”
  9. I am loyal to a fault.
  10. I get an enormous amount of joy, unrequited mind you, out of the most negligible return — my golf game in a nutshell.

Ten Awesome Bloggers Worth Noting (besides Natasha)

Carry on epically awesome bloggers.

8 Responses to “Epic, yes… But Awesome?”

    • le0pard13

      It’s my pleasure, Naomi. BTW, with last weekend’s L.A. Times Festival of Books, the group mentioned your name with fondness. Also, the first LATFoB without the Bob there! We don’t know why, though.

      Thanks and best :-).


  1. ruth

    You are epically awesome indeed Michael!! LOVE reading all your facts, too funny about the snag and nail thing, ahah. I love that you are loyal and I definitely see that even in the blogging community, that’s a wonderful trait Michael, hope you never lose that.

    THANK YOU so much for considering me! Y’know what, I won’t drop the ball this time, though I don’t know if I could find 10 awesome (let alone epic) facts about myself, ahah.


    • le0pard13

      You’re so kind, Ruth. Yeah, you don’t want to be around me when scissors are in my hand ;-). My wife tried to explain this to my daughter a few weeks back. I got the most incredible look from my little girl ;-).

      It’s my honor to nominate you, too. Don’t worry if you can’t find enough awesome things about yourself. Your friends and family surely can. Thanks, Ruth.



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