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Forty Year Friday – STEELY DAN “AJA”

Given how often I play this album, shouldn’t surprise I’d seek out those who also enjoy it. Check out what KamerTunesBlog has to say about a seminal album turning 40 this year.


Album: AJA

[Welcome to Forty Year Friday, the weekly series on my favorite albums of 1977]

steely-dan-ajaBy the time Steely Dan recorded their sixth album they were reduced to the core duo of singer/keyboardist Donald Fagen and guitarist/bassist Walter Becker, who surrounded themselves with the best studio musicians of that era, each hand-picked for particular tracks. With five Gold or Platinum albums under their belts, and success with both mainstream pop audiences & more discriminating FM radio listeners, they were primed for the album of their career and they delivered in a big way with Aja. This 7-song collection, their only multi-platinum release, is a sophisticated blend of rock, pop & jazz that defies categorization, but what makes it truly special is the songwriting talents of Fagen & Becker. They always had a knack for killer melodies, incredible musicianship & incisive lyrics, all of which…

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