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L13FC: Authors Whose Books Become Films

We may have started a day sooner, but no matter. This month’s Lucky 13 Film Club care of Cindy Bruchman has begun, and we’re discussing ‘Authors Whose Books Become Films’. Join us, if you’ve the time.

Cindy Bruchman

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Hello, guests and friends! The excellent Michael the Leopard13 from It Rains…You Get Wet and I welcome you to the July 13 discussion about authors whose books frequently are made into films. Exclude plays today and save them for the near future–sorry, William Shakespeare, although your stories have been adapted to film more than any other author, you’re out.

Michael says: 

Film adaptations and their sources represent a fascinating intersection of two longstanding favorite genres that have taken up much of my time. Books and movies. The former habit bequeathed to me by my mother through sheer example — never did I see the woman who bore me without some book nearby. The latter care of her sisters and brother who were always heading to some cinema, I observed (having grown up in their orbit).
Though, as a kid, it really didn’t click how the two had merged. No…

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