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Reblogged: 10 reasons Deadpool movie won me over


Source: 10 reasons Deadpool movie won me over

For the record, Yes, I am a fan of the blogger extraordinaire Ruth of Flixchatter, but that’s not the reason I’m promoting her recent article here today. She always makes excellent, fun-to-read points on why she enjoys cinema, in all its forms. As she did so here, once again. Like the film she showcases, they certainly won me over. I thought Deadpool, at least a faithful adaptation of the material that’s spawned a loyal readership, might have been a hard sell for my friend.

So it was a delight to read what convinced and won her over. For example:

2. The retro throwback to 80s pop culture

As Reynolds is close to my age, I really appreciate the references to 80s pop culture, especially the music. I mean, WHAM! was huge back in high school, and we all were crushing on George Michael. Boy I’d never be able to listen to Careless Whisper the same way again.”

Beyond the red-blooded action, self-deprecating humor, and plenty of bad ass (and with much bare skin) women in this movie, Deadpool‘s distinct and clever use of pop songs throughout really drove the emotional content of the feature in unexpected ways. Keenly, the above Wham! hit, from 1984’s Make It Big album, Wilson Wade plays this on his phone while kissing Vanessa as the movie comes to a hearty close.

It all an impetus for character development as well as, as Ruth plainly put it, why “I actually care about Wade Wilson.” So, do yourself a favor, watch the movie, and then see if you don’t agree with Ruth’s reasoning.

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