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A Song Cover For This Day (and year): I Need You


In honor of the New Year now upon us, I selected a song from the period of the ’90s, which has been on my mind of late. In fact, it’s a song cover from something that originally came out during the ’60s and associated with my all-time favorite band. The Beatles. I Need You, was written by George Harrison, heard in their movie and associated albums — both the UK’s and the oft-criticized Capitol soundtrack1 — of Help!

If you belong to Spotify, Amazon Prime, or other streaming services, you can listen to the original. Remains one of favorites by the Quiet Beatle. Yet, for this day I selected Dan Fogelberg’s cover. The one he performed live at a solo acoustic show held in Springfield, Illinois on October 25, 1997. My good friend, Corey Wilde introduced it to me years ago. Both the artist and the former blogger have gone offline2 to my regret.

Still, Dan’s touching take of the tune remains as vital, and listenable, as it was I reckon for those there watching him on stage that night. Somehow, it just seemed appropriate for this first day of the New Year. Best to you, all.

  1. Released on August 13, 1965, which happened to be on my eleventh birthday. 
  2. George Harrison passing away to throat cancer on 29 November 2001; Corey last heard from more than five years ago. 

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