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Into the Night (1985) – Tuesday’s Overlooked Film

My colleague Sergio nailed why I love this film. I know a number of people tend to put it down comparing it to Scorsese’s AFTER HOURS, but I’m the other way around. This really captured the mid-80s time here in LaLa Land (as some affectionately, or not, call my hometown) so freakin’ well. It’s one of my definitive ‘L.A.’ movies, no question. I was thinking of getting out my DVD of it to re-watch, always hoping that some feature-filled Blu-ray would be on its way, finally. Wonderful piece by Sergio!

Tipping My Fedora

Into-the-Night-poster2This genuinely quirky thriller stars Jeff Goldblum as an insomniac and cuckolded husband who goes on the run with unlikely femme fatale Michelle Pfeiffer. Pratfalls and violent death co-exist in this blackly comic adult Neo Noir that works like a dream. Though some were distracted by a plethora of star cameos, ranging from director John Landis himself (as a bungling Iranian assassin) to the likes of David Bowie (as a happy British hitman) and a surprised Jim Henson, helping to hold it all together is a killer soundtrack by the late, great BB King. We begin at LAX …

The following review is offered for Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Film meme over at his fab Sweet Freedom.

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8 Responses to “Into the Night (1985) – Tuesday’s Overlooked Film”

    • le0pard13

      You’re most welcome, Sergio. Always good to hear others enjoy this film as much as I do. Thanks, my friend. 🙂


    • le0pard13

      My pleasure, for sure. Wonderful, quirky film by Landis. Another that uses this city as a distinct character. Many of the locations used here really resound with us locals. It’s why I used the image I did for the featured on the post. We’ve all walked that LAX terminal corridor at one time or another. 😉

      Thanks, Mark.

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  1. Paul S

    While Into the Night is often compared to After Hours, I can’t help but think that it’s more of an Elmore Leonard adaptation that Elmore Leonard never wrote. Funny, violent, romantic in an offbeat way, with a bit of disguised social commentary thrown in. Oh and the 1980’s vintage Michelle Pfeiffer. What more could anyone want?

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