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Reblogged » Seven Title Sequence – Watch the Titles


Reblogged » Seven title sequence – Watch the Titles.

A few years back, my friend J.D. clued me in to a wonderful examination of the remarkable, and no doubt disturbing, opening title sequence from David Fincher’s Se7en film.

“Cooper thinks that Se7en was good because it felt like the rest of David Fincher’s movie. “David Fincher is so in touch with every aspect of every one of his movies, and he’s very in touch with what every single person on the crew does. In other words, David Fincher knows better what the visual effects supervisor is supposed to be doing than the visual effects supervisor. He knows better then what the DP [director of photography] is supposed to be doing than the DP, and that extends into the main title. That’s why it doesn’t feel like a disembodied scene. It feels like it’s there to set up the killer, who doesn’t get introduced until the third act.””

It’s a great piece by the folks at Forget the Movie, Watch the Titles. Highlighting not only the work of designer Kyle Cooper, but this unique and influential aspect of filmmaking. Another of those that set the mood right from the start. This is one that I suggest you turn your speakers up when viewing the titles video clip in question, as well. Like the film, it’ll draw a reaction. A few years old, but still highly recommended.

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