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Reblogged » John Kenneth Muir’s CULT TV-MOVIE REVIEW: Trilogy of Terror (1975)

John Kenneth Muir’s Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV: CULT TV-MOVIE REVIEW: Trilogy of Terror (1975).

In the spirit of Halloween (arriving tomorrow) author John Kenneth Muir remembered, rightly, one of “…the most famous TV-movies ever made”, Trilogy of Terror.

“In the third, final and most memorable of the tales in Trilogy of Terror, titled “Amelia,” the audience is introduced to a weak-willed, mild-mannered woman, Amelia (once more, Karen Black). Amelia is constantly being bullied by her (off-screen) mother.  In particular, Amelia’s mother does not like that her daughter has moved out of the house (to a spacious apartment sub-let) and that she is dating an anthropology professor.

On one Friday night, Amelia decides not to visit her mother and instead spend the evening with her boyfriend, since it is his birthday. As a gift, she has purchased the anthropologist an authentic “Zuni Fetish Doll,” a miniature monstrosity with sharp teeth and armed with a spear. According to legend, the Fetish Doll houses the spirit of a great hunter, but the murderous soul is trapped inside the doll so long as he wears a golden necklace around his neck.”

Really a showcase for the late-Karen Black, it’s one of those TV-movies that everyone and their mother was talking about the day after. Author-screenwriter Richard Matheson conjuring up a fine threesome of dark tales, even if the middle one is the weakest. The finale, based on his “Prey” short story (initially published in 1969), removes all doubt this would ever end meekly. Another highlight in the Dan Curtis reel to be sure, check out JKM’s fine article to whet your curiosity. Then head over to YouTube to watch for your All Hallows Eve delight.

6 Responses to “Reblogged » John Kenneth Muir’s CULT TV-MOVIE REVIEW: Trilogy of Terror (1975)”

  1. jackdeth72


    Another seat jumping scary classic!

    Nicely done, John and Michael.

    The Zuni Fetish Doll is one of most frightening, “Comes out of nowhere” creature to grace ABC’s ‘Movie of the Week’ and its multi year runs of made for television entertainment.

    I don’t know whose imagination this came from. But he or she ain’t from around here!

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  2. John DuMond

    I remember this movie! The next day after it aired, all the kids in school were talking about it. The only other TV movie I remember that created that kind of buzz was THE NIGHT STALKER, which was also directed by Dan Curtis and written by Richard Matheson. Nice trip down memory lane. Thanks.

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    • le0pard13

      Oh, yeah. This and The Night Stalker had everyone in my school wagging their tongues the next day. Both Dan Curtis and Richard Matheson could come up with some great TV-movies. In fact, recently re-watched another great one by this pair, Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1973) with Jack Palance. Thanks, John 🙂



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