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Reblogged » Kirkham A Movie A Day – A Walk Among the Tombstones

Reblogged » Kirkham A Movie A Day: A Walk Among the Tombstones

There are more than a few movies, via their trailers, that will garner my interest. Certainly enough that I look forward to their opening weekend. Too many times, though, the appeal just doesn’t measure up. A small number will live up to the promise offered. It’s the rare film that exceeds expectations. That happened this weekend with A Walk Among the Tombstones.


“The opening credits of the movie should be enough to give anyone with empathy some nightmares. This is another comparison to Fincher, who in Se7en, created a horrifying world through nightmare entries in a journal that is displayed in a gruesome, flashing manner. This set of titles is disturbing for a very different reason but it is equally horrifying. There are two shots in an otherwise artfully photographed set of images of a beautiful woman. When those two images are revealed, your breath will suck in and you will let out a moan of anguish. All of this happens without a spot of blood or gore.”

My friend and local colleague Richard Kirkham on his blog perfectly captured why it did for both of us with his piece. Director Scott Frank’s film, who did the under appreciated, The Lookout, is an intense experience. But one well worth your time, if you can handle it. I recommend Richard’s fine movie review as it’s certainly as good as that trailer mentioned. As he said on his Facebook page, “A Great Start to the Fall Movie Season.”

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    • le0pard13

      My pleasure. Saw this with my son at a Sunday matinee screening. Noted a number of nervous laughter at various points in the film, and rapt attention throughout in the audience. And a number of us clapped when the end credits arrived.

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  1. jackdeth72


    You set the hook by aptly describing a Liam Neeson flick. Where Liam Neeson doesn’t pursue, beat up and kill people as he had in ‘Taken’!

    This film apparently has some succulent back story meat on its bones glaringly missing from previous outings. Also delivered in ways not directed at the usual demographic for films. Pimply faced teenagers.

    What we have here. Is an oddity! And I’m guessing a superb one. Deliberately made for adult consumption. And something I’ve desired since both versions of ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’. I’m definitely intrigued!

    Excellent work, Richard!

    Thanks for bringing this to greater attention, Michael.

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    • le0pard13

      It’s a good one, Kevin. This is the second attempt to bring the Matt Scudder series to film. The was by Oliver Stone with 8 Million Way to Die. Transplanting the NYC based series to L.A. didn’t make many friends among the Lawrence Block loyalists. I think you’ll enjoy this. Many thanks, my friend.



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