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“I’ll be right here” – The SPIELBERG BLOGATHON weekend!

“This was no boat accident.” Tomorrow, folks. Tomorrow.

Citizen Screenings

The time has arrived to join in on the celebration.  He is not only one of the most influential filmmakers in film history, but an honest to goodness film fan.  In that spirit Kellee of Outspoken & Freckled, Michael of It Rains…You Get Wet and I celebrate the films of Steven Spielberg by way of the SPIELBERG BLOGATHON this weekend.


The plan is that Kellee will host all Saturday entries on Outspoken & Freckled and Michael will take over hosting duties for Sunday on It Rains…You Get Wet.  As for me, “I’ll be right here” helping with promotions on social media throughout the weekend.

Following is the list of participants and their chosen topic/film.  You’ll note the entries span Steven Spielberg’s impressive career and exhibit the kind of enthusiasm the director himself injects in his work.  Astounding talent aside, Steven Spielberg speaks to us directly through his movies. …

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