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Reblogged » The Greatest Spy Movies (As Chosen By Ex-Spies) | Sabotage Times

tinker tailor soldier spy

The Greatest Spy Movies (As Chosen By Ex-Spies) » Sabotage Times

A movie list compiled by several real-life spies, all “…founders or Board Members of the Long Island Spy Museum”, you say? Count me in then.

“Many former and existing spies relate particularly well to Smiley’s character and the duality that he represents: patriotic and capable without ego combined with that nagging suspicion that defending democracy can be a thankless job and, in the end, he will almost certainly be the last victim in the saga.  There is an old saying in espionage: ‘There is nothing more dangerous than an honest man with no agenda.’  This makes Smiley incorruptible to the enemy but also makes him a long-term threat to his political masters.”

Not only does it contain more than a few of my favorites, the former field agents’ perspective and reasoning for why these are theirs, too, made for an eye-opening catalog of cinema and tradecraft. And not one Bond film among them. 😉 There are definitely surprises to be found here. Check the article out.

6 Responses to “Reblogged » The Greatest Spy Movies (As Chosen By Ex-Spies) | Sabotage Times”

  1. Cavershamragu

    Fascinating stuff Michael, thanks – though of course the 1979 version of TINKER TAILOR is a TV miniseries and not a movie – but why quibble, it’s a great production!


    • le0pard13

      Yeah, I thought the same. But, then again, these guys probably only watched VHS/DVD while working 😉

      Thanks, Sergio! 🙂


  2. jackdeth72

    Hi, Michael:

    Excellent dissertation. HUGE fan of LeCarre’s George Smiley trilogy! Basically for its complete absence of Bondian “Whiz Bang!” and gratuitous sex. Replaced by solid Trench coat investigation, interviews and more investigation.

    Still prefer Guinness as Smiley, because LeCarre basically had Guinness in mind when describing Smiley in his later, retired life. Beryl Reid rocked to solidly in her role as Russia Watcher and Doyenne, Connnie Sachs. And Ian Richardson as “Bloody Bill” Hayden.

    ‘Three Days of the Condor’ is a nice compacting and stream lining of a very decent “No frills” novel. Original title was ‘Six Days of The Condor”. With Redford very good in the lead. In a film that surprised audiences so much that New Yorker magazine did a four page article, with photos on how “sexy” the preferred weapon of choice for the Agency brand new Military Armament Co’s MAC-10 .45 machine pistol.

    The entire cast reached for the stars and rocked it! Especially like Cliff Robertson and Max Von Sydow as the aged, wizened , serious Cold Warriors.



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