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Reblogged » Jackie Brown Movie Review & Film Summary (1997) | Roger Ebert

jackie brown

“…everybody in the movie is smart. Whoever is smartest will live.”

Remembering why I loved to read Roger Ebert’s reviews, whether I agreed with him or not. And when I did, and it was for one of my favorite films, Jackie Brown (1997), it just doesn’t get a better than that.

“At the heart of the story is the affection that grows between Jackie and Max. In a lesser thriller, there would be a sex scene. Tarantino reasonably believes that during a period when everyone’s in danger and no one’s leveling about their real motives, such an episode would be unlikely. Max silently guesses part of what Jackie is up to and provides a little crucial help. Jackie takes the help without quite acknowledging it. And their attraction stays on an unspoken level, which makes it all the more intriguing.”

via Jackie Brown Movie Review & Film Summary (1997) | Roger Ebert.

Ebert’s film review is worth reading, and the film definitely worth watching.

10 Responses to “Reblogged » Jackie Brown Movie Review & Film Summary (1997) | Roger Ebert”

  1. lassothemovies

    What great insight into a film that will always be one of my favorites. Thanks for the reminder.



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