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Reblogged » “Pulp Fiction,” “Mary Poppins” added to National Film Registry – CBS News

Mary and Vincent look on

“Pulp Fiction,” “Mary Poppins” added to National Film Registry – CBS News.

“The Library has named 25 films to be added to the National Film Registry, its collection of films deemed to be culturally, aesthetically or historically important. One of the most eclectic of film lists, its aim is to help protect our nation’s fragile film heritage.

This year’s additions include “Pulp Fiction,” writer-director Tarantino’s blazing, circuitous tale of low-lifes crossing paths, usually leaving bloody trails along the way; and “Mary Poppins,” Walt Disney’s frothy musical starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in a mixture of live-action and animation.”

What a list of films to have made this year’s National Film Registry! Many of my favorites, in fact. Not only did it include the two above, but a grand mix across decades of cinema made it more than notable. Comprising The Right Stuff, The Magnificent Seven, Forbidden PlanetGilda and others. No doubt one of my preferred authors, Ken Bruen, rejoiced (not) over The Quiet Man‘s new rarified status.

I recommend wandering over to David Morgan’s piece and reading who else made the registry in 2013.

6 Responses to “Reblogged » “Pulp Fiction,” “Mary Poppins” added to National Film Registry – CBS News”

  1. mummbles

    I just finished watching Mary Poppins for the first time since I was in grade school! The songs are still catchy as ever…me and the wife are going to see Saving Mr. Banks tomorrow.



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