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Reprise: Once More Unto The Breach – Spring Movie Quiz

Because I’m lazy I wanted to have them all in one place, I’m pulling my earliest movie quiz posts from the old blog archive and placing them on my current. I’ll dust them off and add a bit of images and exposition to them, but the answers will remain the same. This one from the start of June 2010.



The fine movie blogger, Dennis Cozzalio over at the Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule, came out with another his marvelous movie quizzes:


The fact I’m so late coming back to this (he posted this mid-April) we’ll just skip over, thank you very much. Dennis (and his collaborators) never fails to amaze with regard to the imaginative film-based questions he gathers and poses in his periodic quizzes for his readers. It remains one of the only homework assignments I’ve ever enjoyed. So, before Spring is officially over, it’s time for my answers:

1) William Demarest or Broderick Crawford?

Broderick Crawford — Primarily, because he was part of my childhood as Chief Dan Mathews in TV’s Highway Patrol.

2) What movies improve when seen in a state of altered consciousness? (Patrick Robbins)

It’s not a state I strive for, but I think it’s the only way I could get through Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen again. God, I hate that movie!

3) Favorite studio or production company logo?

4) Celeste Holm or Joan Blondell?

Celeste Holm

5) What is the most overrated “classic” film? (Tony Dayoub)

Gone With The Wind — Clark Gable is a favorite of mine, but I’ve seen it enough.

6) What movie do you know for sure you saw, but have no memory of seeing? (Patricia Yokoe Cozzalio)

This one was easy because movie blogger Mr. Peel recently wrote about it —> 99 and 44/100% Dead

7) Favorite Hammer Film?


Dracula: Prince of Darkness

8) Gregory Itzin or Joe Pantoliano?

Easy. Joe Pantoliano, and not just because we share a similar hair line, plus I love his choice in hats.

9) Create a double feature with two different movies with the same title. No remakes. (Peter Nellhaus)


(my favorite of the two is the one at the bottom)

10) Akiko Wakabayashi or Mie Hama? (Ray Young)

I can’t choose between the first (gorgeous) Asian Bond Girls from You Only Live Twice.

11) Can you think of a (non-porn) movie that informed you of the existence of a sexual act you had not known of prior? (Bob Westal)


Hitchcock’s Marnie

12) Can you think of a black & white movie that might actually improve if it was in color? (Patrick Robbins)

I just can’t do it. I love black & white cinematography.

13) Favorite Pedro Almodovar Film?

I haven’t seen many, but it would be Habla Con Ella (Talk to Her) for me.

14) Kurt Raab or Udo Kier?

Udo Kier

15) Worst main title song (Peter Nellhaus)

Without question, and from here to eternity, Madonna’s Bond theme song for Die Another Day. That said, the opening title sequence it accompanies remains a stunner (thankfully, another blogger made me realize it), just turn down the volume to appreciate.

16) Last movie you saw in a theater? On DVD, Blu-ray or other interesting location/format?

Theater: The Dirty Dozen. Blu-ray Disc: Live Free or Die Hard. DVD: The Missing Person.

17) Favorite movie reference within a Woddy Allen movie? (Larry Aydlette)

Isaac Davis: “It’s an interesting group of people, your friends are.”
Mary Wilke: “I know.”
Isaac Davis: “Like the cast of a Fellini movie.”

18) Mary Astor or Claudette Colbert?

Claudette Colbert

19) Favorite trailer (provide YouTube link if possible)?

It has no dialogue whatsoever, and doesn’t require it. Accompanied by its absolutely haunting theme instrumental, with stunning visuals, and the simple title and tagline (“In space no one can hear you scream”) at the end, Ridley Scott’s Alien remains my all-time favorite trailer.

20) Oddest double bill you either saw or saw listed in a theater

I actually showed this pairing when I was a projectionist in another life.


21) Favorite Phil Karlson film?

22) Favorite social problem picture?

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

23) Your favourite Harryhausen film/monster? (Ali Arikan)

Harry’s Medusa from the original Clash of the Titans is it for me.

24) What was the first movie you saw with your significant other? (Patrick Robbins)

Empire of the Sun

25) John Payne or Ronald Reagan?

There is absolutely no way I’m picking Reagan.

26) Movie you feel a certain pressure or obligation to see that you have not yet actually seen

The Magnificent Ambersons

27) Favorite psychedelic movie (Hey, man, like, define it however you want, man)

Yellow Submarine — If you’ve seen it, no explanation is needed.

28) Thelma Ritter or Eve Arden?


Love them both. But, if I’m forced to choose, Eve Arden, primarily because of watching her regularly on television growing up via Our Miss Brooks (and don’t forget Anatomy of a Murder).

29) Favorite iconic shot or image from a film?

30) What is the movie that inspired the most memorable argument you ever had about a movie?

Birth of a Nation

31) Raquel Torres or Lupe Velez?

Sorry, but I’ll go with Dolores Del Rio.

32) Favorite adaptation of Shakespeare to a film?


Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet.

33) Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (in 3D)– yes or no?

Yes. I actually saw this when it came out and 3-D was its only redeeming feature.

34) Favorite movie rating?

 It’s what I lived for in the movies when I was young.

35) Olivia Barash or Joyce Hyser?

I’ll go with Olivia Barash because of Repo Man.

36) What was the movie that convinced you your favorite movie genre was your favorite movie genre?


Forbidden Planet

37) Favorite Blake Edwards movie?

Because of his versatility, it’s a tie between Experiment in Terror and Victor/Victoria.

To see all of my answers to every SLIFR movie quiz I’ve participated in, click here.

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