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Man of Steel Countdown – Superman and me

An outstanding, personal piece that really makes me even more pumped for the upcoming Man of Steel, as well as wanting to re-screen this ’78 superhero classic once again. A recommended read.



In just twenty four days (well 21 days for me :D), THE most anticipated movie of the year will arrive in theaters. There have been few movie events in the past decade, but for me, THIS would count as the one of the biggest one to date. In preparation for Man of Steel, I’ll be posting various Superman-related posts in the next three weeks. Stay tuned for posts from Michael @ It Rains… You Get Wet, Terrence @ The Focused Filmographerand Bubbawheat @ Flights, Tights and Movie Nights in the coming days and weeks!

Superman and Me

I have been a fan of Superman all my life. It’s perhaps not a surprise to most of you if you’ve been following my blog for some time. A throng of superheroes have come and gone in the last three decades since I saw Superman: The Movie for the first…

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4 Responses to “Man of Steel Countdown – Superman and me”

  1. mummbles

    Wishing for all the best for this new version. Superman is hard to do well I know I have only really liked Superman 1 and 2 and not the rest.


    • le0pard13

      Oh, yes. As soon as you go beyond the work of Richard Donner, the drop is precipitous. On Thursday’s post, I’ll include a link to an article a friend wrote discussing why Bryan Singer’s ‘Superman Returns’ delivered such mixed results.

      The irony here, “Superman is hard to do well…”, is that the live-action films certainly fit that observation. Most, if not all, of DC’s Superman animation movies, on the other hand, are very good. But, each does their films from completely different perspectives and motives.

      I really hope ‘Man of Steel’ pays off. A number of fans are pulling for it, that’s for sure. Thanks, mummbles :-).



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