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One fine review by alsonkrier of a film that not only was one of the best British musical comedies of the 60s, but documents the greatest entertainment phenomenon in history. It’s a good prep for what’s arriving tomorrow, as well.

The Best Picture Project

The first of five movies featuring The Beatles was A Hard Day’s Night in 1964.  By then, Beatlemania was in full swing.  The packs of screaming girls chasing The Beatles and getting hysterically emotional at the concert were all real.  But teen movies featuring rock stars of the time were terrible.  Think of any of those Elvis movies, especially the ones set in Hawaii.  The Beatles didn’t want to be part of something like that, so with Richard Lester directing, they made something new, fun and exciting that they were all proud of and has inspired other films today.

The film follows the band over a couple ‘typical’ days in their hometown of Liverpool.  They run from screaming fans, try to keep Paul’s grandfather (Wilfrid Brambell) out of trouble and get ready to perform live on television.  Most of all, the boys just want to have fun.

At times it…

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  1. Novroz

    I love this movie….I dont think it’s terrible at all. I am going to review this somewhere this or next month



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