Still more lazy thoughts from this one…

I plan on contributing a piece to my friend Ruth’s upcoming blogathon. Anyone else interested in joining me?


Hello, hello!!

Summer is winding down as August comes to a close… but hey, there are still plenty of Autumn movies to look forward to! In fact, more smaller-budgeted but with more character-driven fares featuring ‘bigger’ performances are often released in the Fall/Winter months, though of course there’s always exceptions to such a rule.

Well, like I mentioned in my Movie Questionnaire post yesterday, I’ve been pondering about doing a blog-a-thon for a while. I have only done ONE blog-a-thon in my 3 years of blogging, that was the Gregory Peck birthday bash last April. Well this one it’s going to be entirely different. It’s sort of inspired by my almost 2-year-old post of seven talented actors who deserve more leading roles and also by Encore Entertainment‘s 90s Essential Performances Showdowns, but this time I’d like to shine the spotlight on performances by under-appreciated actors.

I think the title

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    • ruth

      You’re so welcome to join, Naomi. Pls email me at the address in the post, or in the comment section of the original post and I’ll be sure to send you a reminder as well.

      Thanks Michael for reblogging this!


          • Novroz

            That won’t show their real ability. I just use whatever I find in youtube.

            I can actually cut the scene and upload it…but I have had my account deleted by youtube once and not about to repeat the same thing again


          • le0pard13

            Yes, some films are patrolled heavily by the copyright police over at YouTube. Still, I look forward to your piece for this blogathon. Thanks, Novroz.


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