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13 for ‘That Day’

Full disclosure: I am stealing my colleague Jeff’s idea on his musical ‘day’ post from last April of “… songs that were #1 on my birthday.” The first on the playlist wasn’t a bad one for that certain date. The rest are those that meant something for the tunes that frequent this now old, grizzled head of mine. And the year 2001 was the deepest of the #1 songs on this day I’m prepared to go — please, don’t make me go further ;-).

1954 – Sh-Boom

1960 – It’s Now or Never

1965 – I Got You Babe

1967 – All You Need Is Love

1968 – People Got to Be Free

1970 – Close to You

1976 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

1979 – Good Times

1983 – Every Breath You Take

1988 – Roll With It

1990 – Vision of Love

1996 – Macarena

2001 – Fallin’

12 Responses to “13 for ‘That Day’”

  1. ruth

    Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michael!! What a wonderful way to celebrate, love a lot of these songs, esp. All You Need Is Love. You really ARE the nicest guy on the Internet, I’m so blessed to have *met* you since I started blogging. God bless you my friend!


  2. AndyWatchesMovies

    Happy belated birthday! I hate when I’m late to stuff like this from blogging backlogs…
    I may have to steal this idea when my birthday rolls around…



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