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Trailers From Hell: Brian Trenchard-Smith on ‘Where Eagles Dare’

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Where Eagles Dare: “World War II meets James Bond. Elliot Kastner’s action-packed, enduringly popular superproduction was filmed on various impressive Austrian locations and features a top cast including Clint Eastwood, who distributor MGM didn’t really want. The $21 million box office take changed their minds.

Not only is this one of my favorite movies from my youth, the Trailers From Hell‘s commentary track is a real showcase for one of my most-liked “gurus” from this film site. The underrated genre film- and trailer-maker, television director, producer, and writer, Brian Trenchard-Smith is quite something. He makes whatever presented, whether I’ve seen it or not, the most entertaining and informative film experience on the web.

5 Responses to “Trailers From Hell: Brian Trenchard-Smith on ‘Where Eagles Dare’”

  1. jackdeth72

    Hi, Michael and company:

    I’ll catch ‘Where Eagles Dare’ every now and then. Just to watch and compare this film, where everything needed is cached and stashed and waiting to be opened and used. And compare it to Alistair MacLean’s ‘The Guns of Navarone’. Which was very no frills and catch as catch can when it came to Peck and his team trying to accomplish their mission.

    Both are good to great, on location, large set, war flicks. Especially with the use of the RAF flown Junker’s 52 to get the agents in and out. Also curious to know how many blank adapted Schmeisser sub machine guns were burned out in making ‘Where Eagles Dare’?

    Oh, and Clint Eastwood rocks throughout!


    • le0pard13

      Yeah, I can watch ‘Where Eagles Dare’ and ‘The Guns of Navarone’ anytime myself, too. While their tones are different, they are the epitome of the ‘men on a mission’ sub-genre of action films, at least for the 60s. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore. And the ‘Where Eagles Dare’ intro, with its theme and views of the Alps, is one of the great, and under appreciated, movie titles sequences ever. Good point about the number of Schmeisser sub machine guns that were likely burnt out in this production. Great comment, Kevin. Thanks.


  2. John DuMond

    I love this movie. It’s based on an Alistair MacLean novel, if memory serves. Lots of action, and it’s filled with multiple plot twists and turns. Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton gave great performances. I have it on VHS and dig it out to watch it from time to time.


    • le0pard13

      It’s a great one, alright. The Blu-ray Disc of ‘Where Eagles Dare’ (which is paired with another entertaining film, ‘Kelly’s Heroes’) is pretty solid, too. They’re in a tandem, barebones package, but the picture and sound quality are more than fair (and very decently priced). If you have BD player, then this would be the way to go. Thanks very much, John.


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