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When Analog to Digital Actually Meant Something

Reblogged from The Atlantic:

The Mechanics and Meaning of That Ol’ Dial-Up Modem Sound – The Atlantic.

“Of all the noises that my children will not understand, the one that is nearest to my heart is not from a song or a television show or a jingle. It’s the sound of a modem connecting with another modem across the repurposed telephone infrastructure. It was the noise of being part of the beginning of the Internet.” ~ Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic.

I think this electronic sound is imprinted somehow on my soul. This is a great article for those of us old enough to remember, and depend upon, these devices. I’m reblogging and recommending Alexis’ post from last Friday, here.

5 Responses to “When Analog to Digital Actually Meant Something”

  1. Rachel

    Much like when the lights go down in a theatre, I can’t help but feel a little leap of the heart when I hear this sound. It’s a trigger that something exciting is about to happen.



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