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TMT: Not Home & Not Alone

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time, a series that was begun here. A seasonal offering is on tap with this one. I’ll credit my U.K. colleague Daniel Stephens of Top 10 Films for inspiring the memory download with his timely tensome weekend post:

Top 10 Christmas Films of the 1990s


The Harkins Camelview 5:



November 17, 1990: the term ‘newlywed’ seems straightforward enough. Usually, being hitched less than a year qualifies you as such. That is, a recently married person. Though, I’m sure my in-laws — who were 36 years into their union at that time — still thought of us as total newbies. They’d very often remind this twosome (along with asking, “…and when are you going to have my grandchildren?!?”).

It’s a relative term, I guess. Even if we hadn’t yet logged two years together, I think my wife and I still felt like newlyweds back then. Managing the ins-and-outs of marriage (and what were you thinking we you read that? Thought as much). So when we attended my wife’s out-of-town association meeting in Tempe, AZ the weekend before that year’s Thanksgiving, the early couple behavior was still firmly in place (don’t start).

To my wife’s credit, putting up with someone like me, who wants to watch popular and/or art house film fare whenever or wherever we are, was the stuff of Job. And early on, my bride use to go to the movies with me. Fairly often. Though we didn’t have anywhere near the same taste in cinema, I still hold dear the times of catching a flick with my better half in some darkened theater (even if she’d occasionally roll her eyes to my reactions).

So it was here. After a day filled with meetings, my wonderful wife graciously went out to dinner and to screen the modern Christmas classic, Home Alone (written by the inimitable John Hughes), with me. Of course, only after asking hotel personnel where and how to get to a movie theater showing the film. It was the only time we ever went to the Camelview 5 in nearby Scottsdale.

To her lasting chagrin, even now I still refer to her as “my bride”, with all the affection the title means, to this very day.

The entire TMT series can be found here.  If you’re interested how it’s put together, click here.

10 Responses to “TMT: Not Home & Not Alone”

  1. Dan

    Another wonderful theatre. I’m in awe of the venues, especially the older venues, that you have in America. Not that I went to the Camelview 5 theatre, but I must have come close as I stayed in Scottsdale in 2004 while on holiday in Arizona. We were at the Orange Tree Golf resort.

    …and many thanks for the link! 🙂


    • le0pard13

      More than happy to link back to you, Dan. Good to hear you come over to the States. If you ever make it to L.A., allow me to buy you a drink in blogging brotherhood. Thanks, my friend.


  2. Castor

    I loved Home Alone as a kid! I forgot all about it until seeing it on Fox Movie Channel a couple weeks ago. It’s a great Christmas movie.


  3. rtm

    Fun post Michael, I remember really enjoying Home Alone when I first saw it ages ago. But unlike you w/ your great memory, I can’t even remember if I saw it on the big screen or dvd, ahah.


  4. Rachel

    Just saying hello! I’m behind on, hmmm, everything right now and sometimes I’m starting to think I’ve forgotten what the internet looks like! Eeek! Anyway, hope all is going well. Happy holidays!



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