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Ever Walk In These Shoes?

I can’t say I disagree with the substance of what author Stephen Blackmoore covered in his blogpost today regarding the differences between men and women. The grist of it is stated here:

“You ever seen women fight? I’m not talking professionally, where they know what they’re doing. I’m talking so pissed off they snap and turn into nightmare rabid she-devils striking with claws and fangs and fire burning from their eyes.

They fight uglier than men. I think a lot of that is because of how men are acculturated to use violence against each other for everything from redressing wrongs and gaining respect, to sealing friendships. Yeah, we’re kind of weird that way.

A lot of women don’t interact with each other quite the same way men do. From what I’ve been able to tell, when they fight, they fight dirty. Men have, oddly enough, a bunch of cultural failsafes built in. It either ends in death, broken bones or buying a round of beer. Sometimes all three.

The only thing that might maybe help you is if they don’t have the same body strength as men. And that’s iffy. I know a lot of slow, fat guys who could get taken down by a 12-year-old girl in a heartbeat.”

L.A. Noir: Cruel Shoes

5 Responses to “Ever Walk In These Shoes?”

  1. Poncho

    Ha! Cousin… I agree too!

    Here in Mexico, we say that male-male arguments often end up being solved through fists or alcohol, but female disagreements turn into grudges almost every time.

    But hey! It is what it is… and that’s the reason I try not to have disagreements with women (makes my life easier).

    Thanks for this!


      • Poncho

        Tell me about it, cousin. Just last weekend some friends got into a fight (they were quite drunk) and one of them ended up with a broken nose.


  2. Naomi Johnson

    One of my nephews went through Army basic and then continued his combat training a couple of years ago. He said the worst was having to fight the women hand-to-hand. Didn’t matter how much stronger the man or how far his reach, the women would NOT quit until they were completely taken out of action. And yes, they went for the eyes and the, uh, what-have-you. I think this is good training for our male soldiers. In real combat, there can be no holds barred.


    • le0pard13

      So right. I once had a friend in law enforcement who voiced something similar. He said while male perps were more prone to violence, he feared more what the female counterparts could of throwing at him. Thanks, Naomi.



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