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On the Lookout for Books and Movies Poll


As put forward last month, having just completed another parallel post season with my partner Rachel, the blogger otherwise known as the Scientist Gone Wordy, we came up with a notion. Usually around this time of year, she and I begin to select five titles a piece for the year to come. Thought we’d perform a test of change and open it up.

We solicited for possible ideas by our readers. Something we wouldn’t necessarily pick ourselves. The titles offered in the comments by said on our blogs and/or Facebook pages are below. There’s only one problem: each represents only one vote in favor. Therefore, let’s open this up for some voting by the rest of you, shall we? From now to the end of the year, pick what you’d like to see the wordy one and I take on.

More than one if you’d like.

At the start of January, the top pair with the most nods will be highlighted in a post, with credit to those who initially suggested them. They’ll join the eight picks Rachel and moi come up with for our 2015 run of book and movie reviews. We’re beholden to those who’ve read our reviews over the past five years and hope this pays some of that back. Feel free to vote for your favorites. With many thanks.

17 Responses to “On the Lookout for Books and Movies Poll”

  1. le0pard13

    “Life of Pi and Les miserables.” was also suggested by Sammy Juliano. I can’t add them to the current poll without losing the responses already submitted. If you’d like to vote for either or both, please say so in the comments. Sorry, but it’s the best I can do at the moment. Thank you for your understanding.

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  2. robbinsrealm

    I very much like your idea for the series of blogs you’re planning to work on with Rachel. I voted for four of the titles. I hope that will help toward the two of you receiving enough votes for the selection of the five books and films you will cover. I am interested to see which of the five selections from the list, which contained excellent choices, ultimately get picked.

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