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Desert Island Films #73: It Rains… You Get Wet

My good friend Tyson from across the pond has been kindly putting out the welcome mat for a long time to get me to contribute to his wonderful site, Head in a Vice. Today, I did just that, adding to his fine film series. Desert Island Films is about choosing 8 films you would take if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and explaining your choices. Thank you so much for the invitation, my friend.

Head In A Vice

Desert Island Films

le0pard13 from It Rains… You Get Wet has kindly submitted his Desert Island Films. It took a lot of persuading on my part to convince le0pard13 (or Michael to his friends) 😉 to join this project. Not only has he never complained about the piece I’m writing for him in exchange taking its sweet time, he even explained to me how to make a post with html! Plus, I know for a fact he re-tweets my work (and most of yours I’m guessing) more than anyone else, so I have a lot to be grateful to Michael for. Please enjoy his excellent choices, and more importantly be sure to check out his site. You won’t regret it, he does excellent work over there!

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6 Responses to “Desert Island Films #73: It Rains… You Get Wet”

  1. Ronan

    Some interesting choices there Michael, Aliens is about as entertaining as Hollywood gets and a bit of sci-fi would help you keep things in perspective on a desert island!



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