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A Few Words for Charade

Since I went and included the work in my recent Versus AFI Top 10 Romantic Comedies piece, I thought a few words for one film was warranted. Though I never saw it in a movie theater setting (something I regret to this very day), the film remains one of my all-time favorites, and an annual screening in our household. It is Stanley Donen’s still highly underrated Charade.

Friday Forgotten Song: Summer Days by Angela Bofill

Like some, certain memories are tied with the music of the time. During this particular period, I was in my Jazz Fusion phase and the artists in and around the genre. Yet, still very much near the R&B stylings of the day. And with summer of 2012 coming to an end tomorrow, there is one song and artist that comes back to my mind’s eye whenever the autumnal equinox cycles passed.

A Journey… With JAWS

Inspired by Iba’s look-back post in July of a seminal box office film, and Universal’s 100th anniversary release of the digitally remastered and fully restored version to Blu-ray Disc (made…